Excerpt from the motorsport archives: that day in 1956 Car News

The 1956 RAC Rally race was “probably the best ever” since its inception in 1932, as “although raced in ideal weather conditions, the 2100 mile event had been fast and very difficult, imposing heavy requirements to cars and crews”.

The 205 cars had started simultaneously from Hastings and Blackpool to meet in Prescott for a timed hill climb; then driven to Bridgwater for a night navigation section; forward for a succession of tests at Castle Combe, Matchams Park and Brands Hatch; then back to Silverstone, Cadwell Park and Gamston.

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Then the peloton branched off for the journeys to York and Harrogate, before meeting at Scotch Corner, from where they made their way overnight to Charterhall, then to Penrith and Blackpool for final testing the following morning .

“The vicissitudes, adventures and misfortunes of those who embarked on the event would fill a book. As a proving ground for production cars, there is no doubt that the RAC Rally has a lot to offer; there can be little fault with a car that survives its considerable stresses.

The best of the 162 arrivals was therefore the Aston Martin DB2, followed by the Jaguar XK150, the Morgan Plus Four and the Jaguar Mk I.

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