The Alpine A4810 concept is a hydrogen hypercar for 2035 Car News

The stunning new Alpine A4810 concept is an intriguing vision of the zero-emission sports cars the French brand could build in 2035.

Described as a “super-berlinetta”, the concept is the work of transport design students from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, who were briefed in the fall of 2021 by Alpine to create a concept that times “embraces the latest generation technologies” while nodding to brand characteristics. IED students have already created concepts in partnership with Suzuki, Hyundai and Pininfarina.

Beyond its extravagant and forward-looking design, the A4810 stands out for its adoption of a hydrogen drivetrain – a first for the Renault-owned performance brand. Its creators haven’t said whether it takes the form of a conventional fuel cell electric setup or a hydrogen-burning system, but a pair of what appear to be chunky tailpipes seem to suggest this. last.

Either way, it marks a radical departure from the current Alpine A110, which uses a four-cylinder petrol engine, and its upcoming crossover, grand tourer and sports coupe, which have all been confirmed to use an electric drivetrain. battery operated.

Notably, parent company Renault recently previewed a distinct crossover concept that would have a “hydrogen engine”, suggesting the French company could follow Toyota in using hydrogen as a way to preserve existing combustion technology.

As an overtly futuristic proposition, precise details of the technical composition and performance potential of the A4810 were not given, but the IED claims the car is “light but powerful and nimble”, putting the emphasis on “pure driving pleasure” – familiar characteristics of the A110.

It measures 5091mm long, 1055mm high and 2010mm wide, making it significantly larger in all directions than the A110, but its designers sought to “visually lighten” the design and implement aerodynamic solutions inspired by Formula 1.

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