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McLaren’s bespoke infotainment system is at least easy to find, with buttons to switch between satellite navigation, climate and media. I don’t know why a British car’s sat nav insists on speaking with an American accent and measuring things in eighths of a mile, though.

My biggest bug is that the rear view camera shows up in the dial cluster: sure, it would have to shrink to fit the touchscreen, but it wouldn’t get stuck as soon as you turn the steering wheel.

These quibbles are not enough to detract from the driving experience, which is sublime. The GT launches explosively under heavy footing and has an incredibly responsive steering feel. It’s certainly more of a supercar than a grand tourer, but it’s still incredibly relaxed on a motorway and easy to squeeze into city traffic.

During my week with the GT, I passed many Porsches, a few Aston Martins and Ferraris, but no other McLarens.

I won’t miss the fuel mileage, which dropped into single digits at one point, but the feeling of exclusivity it exudes will be hard to beat.

Tom Morgan Freelander

Mileage: 1818

Economic figures as good as a diesel SUV – February 2

We’re just over 1000 miles into our possession of the McLaren GT and we’re already getting some pretty impressive fuel economy numbers. Granted, it was a two-hour highway drive, so there was a lot of constant acceleration. But still, 31.1 mpg over a two-hour drive would count as a win in a big diesel SUV, let alone a 4.0-liter V8 gas-powered sports car. Sorry, GT car…

Mileage: 1145

Life with a McLaren GT: Month 1

Welcoming the GT to the fleet – January 26, 2022

Here’s what we said about a McLaren when we road tested it in 2017: “The car’s outstanding performance is combined with a remarkable range of on-road capability (ride and handling that can be smoother , progressive, tactile and smoother than any true rival), with excellent usability too and more forgiving on-track handling than any McLaren we’ve experienced before.

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