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The Apprentice: Harpreet Kaur and Kathryn Burn speak out on being finalists UK News

The two are battling to win a £250,000 investment from the business tycoon.

They spoke to the PA News Agency about becoming friends throughout the competition and working with Lord Sugar.

Times Series: The finalists of the latest series of the BBC program The Apprentice, Harpreet Kaur and Kathryn Burn with Lord Sugar in the meeting room at Amshold House in Loughton, Essex (PA)Finalists from the latest series of BBC program The Apprentice, Harpreet Kaur and Kathryn Burn with Lord Sugar in the meeting room at Amshold House in Loughton, Essex (PA)


Burn, who owns an online pajama shop, said: “My closest friend in the whole process, and very early on, was Harpreet, which is really weird now that we were roommates (on the show).

“And as the process progressed, we became closer and closer.

“So it’s so weird now that we’re competing, but we’re also such, such good friends.”

Kaur, who runs a dessert parlor and candy delivery business, said: “We were going through the process hoping to be in the finals, we wanted to, so it worked out.

“We support each other 100% and we will be happy for each other because we know how hard we have worked to get here, and I am sure that we will both be successful no matter what. what will win.


“I’m all about girl power. I always was. I’m a real girl of girls,” she added.

“So for me, we’re also very diverse, the four of us who passed the interviews, we all have such different personalities and styles and that just goes to show that you should be authentically yourself.

“Even in everyday life, I still find that women seem to be turning the plates a lot more and absolutely seem to be running them, so I’m so glad that happened on this show as well.

“It’s not that the guys didn’t work hard, but the girls had something special about them.”

Burn also opened up about working with Lord Sugar, saying he’s not as scary as he looks: “I don’t think he’s that scary even on TV.

“He’s just blunt, but a lot of business men and women are, you have to cut to the chase and he is.

“He’s not rude, he’s just blunt and he’s like that in real life.”

Kaur added: “If you’re a sensitive person, you might be offended, but if you’re a badass and can just take the comments on board, you’ll be fine.

“At the end of the day, don’t apply for the process if you’re going to be intimidated by someone like that, because you’re applying to invest with that person.

“So if you’re scared, you’re really not going anywhere.”

:: The Apprentice finale airs on BBC One at 9 p.m. on Thursday, March 24.

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