Rishi Sunak hints at further measures if energy bills continue to rise Business

It has also provided aid of £300 per household to help with an expected rise in energy bills later this year.

The cap on annual bills is already set to rise from £1,277 to £1,977 in April, a record increase, with a further rise to around £2,800 expected in October based on current prices.

When asked if the government could intervene on energy bills if by the end of the summer it looks like they will go up in October, Mr Sunak replied ‘we will have to see where we are in autumn”.

Asked if that meant he would provide more support if needed, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘I’m still watching everything, and the government, as it has shown over the last two years, is always reactive to what is happening.

“But I would say with energy prices, you know, they’re very volatile, and I don’t think you or me or anyone else has any certainty about what’s going to happen in October. right now.”

Earlier on Thursday Boris Johnson admitted ‘we need to do more’ to help people through the cost of living crisis after Mr Sunak’s spring statement came under fire.

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