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Oscars 2022: Why We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Disney’s Encanto isn’t nominated? UK News

Since November, there’s been a song the kids can’t stop singing that keeps driving the parents crazy.

It is, of course, the number one hit and record-breaking song for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s Encanto.

The song that was Dinsey’s biggest hit since 2013’s Frozen ‘Let It Go’, and with its wildly successful record, one would assume it was nominated for an Oscar.

Although his chances of winning are very high thanks to the pen skills of Hamilton writer Lin-Manual Miranda.

The catchy song hasn’t been nominated for the film industry’s biggest and most prestigious awards.

Times Series: Disney's Encanto.  (PENNSYLVANIA)Disney’s Encanto. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Why is ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ nominated?

The reason for the missing hit song nomination may surprise you.

As it turns out Disney decided against submitting the catchy tune, they instead decided to go for another, more emotional song to hopefully take home the award with “Dos Orguitas” instead.

Disney’s reasoning for not nominating the best song is due to the awkward timing of Encanto’s release, with the song only becoming popular after Oscar nominations could be submitted.

The submission deadline was November 1 of last year, but Encanto wasn’t released until three weeks later on November 21.

That’s not to say Encanto still won’t take the crown with “Dos Orguitas,” but we’ll soon find out.

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