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Martin Lewis became emotional as he discussed the messages he receives from those struggling to pay rising energy bills. The personal finance expert apologized to the BBC’s Tony Livesey, passionately describing people ‘choosing to freeze or starve in a first world country’. He said the big difference between the situation at the start of the pandemic and now is that “I don’t know where the help is coming from.”

Millions of people in the UK have already felt the impact of an unprecedented £700 a year rise in energy costs.

The massive increase in energy costs coincides with a rise in a host of bills, including council, car and water.

The 54% increase in the energy price cap means a household using a typical amount of gas and electricity will now pay £1,971 a year.

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said the country was facing the biggest energy price shock since the 1970s.

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BBC 5Live host Tony Livesey said: “The pandemic was the thing we couldn’t control, but we were all going through it. And now again with energy prices.”

Mr Lewis replied: “I think of the anxiety and the level of unease I feel in my stomach.

“People will say, ‘Oh, but you’re a millionaire.’ I’m an emotional guy.

“No one could have my mailbag and not feel fundamentally depressed right now.

“I think the only time like this that I can remember was the week of the pandemic before the furlough was announced, when we had no certainty and no help, that level of panic.

The founder of added: “I try not to be partisan but I have to be frank, the country needs more help.

“I’m sorry the frustration is coming out, but we are a wealthy first world nation.

“I’m on your fucking radio station talking about how people are going to survive whether they choose to freeze or starve to death.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that some of Britain’s poorest are being forced to make tough choices between heating and food due to soaring costs.

According to an extensive survey of over 13,000 adults in Britain, the ONS found that 34% of those affected say they use less gas and electricity, while 31% spend less on food.

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