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Issac Nunney, 23, who had a previous conviction for dangerous driving, was jailed at Bradford Crown Court this afternoon after body camera footage of the officer was shown to a judge.

The 30-second clip captured the moment PC Peter Brown was knocked off his machine after he had tried to stop Nunney while he was driving a Mini on the Holme Wood estate in Bradford in April last year.

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Prosecutor Ben Campbell said PC Brown was riding his marked police motorcycle in the area of ​​Danecourt Road when he saw the Mini driving at a speed.

issac nunney

He said the Mini slowed down and the officer activated his lights and sirens after deciding to stop the Mini.

After the Mini initially accelerated, Nunney stopped the car and backed up toward the officer, who was able to avoid him as he passed.

Campbell said the officer, who was now in the lead, could see Nunney pull the hood up and tighten the drawstrings to hide her face before deliberately speeding up and turning the Mini toward the officer.

The court heard how PC Brown tried to avoid a collision by driving away, but after a short distance the Mini collided with his machine, throwing him off his motorcycle.

Campbell said the officer hit his shoulder on the road and skidded on the surface.

“He described being terrified that he was about to be run over,” Campbell said.

Nunney lost control of the Mini and crashed, but later fled the scene.

After the incident, police officers found Nunney’s fingerprints on the Mini’s door handle and on a bottle inside the vehicle.

The officer was said to have suffered cuts and bruises in the incident with his legs, neck and shoulder also severely sore.

Nunney, from Hartland Road, Bradford, had been booked for dangerous driving in 2017 and, at the time of the incident in April, was still subject to a community warrant for an offense of driving while disqualified.

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Today, Nunney was jailed for three years after he admitted attempting to cause serious bodily harm to the officer with intent and driving while disqualified and uninsured.

Defense attorney Saf Salam of Nunney said his client had offered to plead guilty to an alternative assault charge at an early stage and had not committed any further crimes since the incident.

He said Nunney was the father of two children and now worked for a scaffolding company.

Judge Jonathan Gibson told Nunney: “I don’t need to tell you that this is an extremely serious crime.

“This was clearly a terrifying incident with consequences.”

The judge said there was some persistence since there were two separate actions, but noted that it all happened in a matter of seconds.

Nunney was also banned from driving for the next 30 months.

Chief Superintendent Robert McCoubrey of West Yorkshire Police said: “The actions taken by Nunney were totally inexcusable. I hope that today’s result serves as a clear warning to those who think they can assault or endanger our officers or police personnel and get away with it.

“Fortunately, the officer involved has since returned to full duty in Bradford. He and his colleagues at Operation Steerside continue to work hard to make Bradford’s roads safer for everyone.”

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