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Sheffield Council is considering expanding the Clean Air Zone to nine more areas of the city – with a £50 daily charge for all non-electric vehicles UK News

Initially, plans for the Clean Air Zone were for the most polluting vehicles to pay a daily fee to access Sheffield city center, with the Clean Air Zone to cover the inner ring road and the city center including Park Square and the A61/Parkway junction. .

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Sheffield Clean Air Zone: where it is, which cars and vehicles will be charged and…

But following a review, Sheffield Council voted on a proposal to extend the Clean Air Zone to nine more areas as part of a crackdown on polluting vehicles in the city.

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Sheffield Council is planning to extend the Clean Air Zone to twelve more wards. (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images)

While initially the charges were only to apply to taxis, LCVs, coaches, buses and HGVs that fail to meet the emission standard, the council is now considering charging drivers of private vehicles as well.

Anyone who does not own an electric vehicle could be forced to pay up to £50 a day to use their car in affected areas.

The drastic measures are being considered as air pollution contributes to 500 premature deaths a year in Sheffield and parts of the city have exceeded legal nitrogen dioxide limits since 2010.

How much will you have to pay under the Clean Air Zone?

It has also been proposed that the vehicle charging scheme be scrapped, with a £50 daily charge for anyone wishing to drive a non-electric vehicle in the area.

Sheffield Council is now seeking public comment on proposals to extend the Clean Air Zone, charge private vehicles and increase daily charges, before a decision is taken at the next meeting plenary of the council.

Speaking anonymously to The Star for fear of the consequences of their party, a Sheffield councilor said: ‘It is ridiculous to me that council is considering charging residents of Sheffield £50 a day to use their vehicles, simply because the board’s financial mismanagement. .

“What about parents, who have to take their children to school five days a week? And how will the disabled or the elderly be able to get out and move around if they cannot afford the school fees? use of their vehicles?

“I expect the idea to be rejected out of hand at the next full council meeting once the public consultation on the extension of the clean air zone has taken place.”

To which areas would the Clean Air Zone be extended?

If approved, the Clean Air Zone area would be expanded to cover ABourthorne, PArson Cross, Ranmoor, Itake, Ioedges, Fulwood, OWlerton, Owlthorpe and ILodge Moor.

Anna Biggs, an environmental campaigner, said: ‘If approved, it would be a huge win for the environment and will see anyone living in these areas forced to pay a £50 daily charge to drive their car.

“We expect this decision will force many people to abandon their vehicles altogether due to the sheer cost factor, which will leave Sheffield greener than ever.”

How can you have your say on the new Clean Air Zone plans?

Public consultation is open for a single day on April 1, 2022, after which Sheffield Council will vote on the plans at the next full council meeting.

If you’ve made it this far, this story is an April Fool’s joke – to read all of our coverage on what’s really going on with the Clean Air Zone, follow the links below:

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