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‘Still trying to forget it’ – Star readers gave their thoughts on the discussed ‘Margaret Thatcher Day’ UK News

Naturally, we had to ask our readers what they thought of such an idea. Here is a selection of their comments on the subject:

Mel Machin did not mince his words: “No. There are far better things to celebrate than someone who has been impeached by their own party.

Jean Carol Uttley replied in a very dry tone: “Absolutely not!!!”

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1984: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher speaks. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Peter Ealey was also unimpressed, replying, “Maggie’s army, the 3,000,000 unemployed she created will be rushing in to celebrate, NOT!”

Nurseowl Bower responded by saying, “No. She laid the foundation for the misery we face today. Privatization, crippling unions and starting the process of malnourished children. Celebrate his death, but not his life”

“No, no, no, it destroyed jobs, communities, and the mining and steel industries, best to forget about it.”

Eliza Barberis was absolutely not in favor of it, at all: “In a mining and steel town still so proud, why is this even relevant for us!? You could try. Or you could split the costs between the homeless, those in poorly maintained public housing, and fire-prone properties…”

Kevin Eason pointed out that “the Conservatives are still living off the proceeds of their policies 30 years later, at the expense of all workers’ spending.”

Bryan J Bagley made his point very clearly: “No, no, no, she destroyed jobs, communities, and the mining and steel industries, best to forget about her.”

Vivienne Johnson joined those not in favour, “NO. Never. How can anyone even think about it…we never had a Winston Churchill day and he did so much more for Britain IMO”

And, Jane Foster on Twitter said, “Only if it was about targets and cream pies.”

Vicky Gowthorpe responded by saying, “God no, not after closing all the pits and damaging the industries.”

Mrs. Norm Booker “always tried to forget it. “CERTAINLY NOT”

“Who’s the nincompoop who thought of that?”

Some people were either supportive or likely to be influenced by the idea.

David C Marper replied: “Yes. Best prime minister since Winston Churchill.

Phil Dimelow responded on Twitter saying, “100% yes!!”

And, Pat Holden said, “Yeah, I would.”

Malcolm Wood added: ‘Well I can’t stand her BUT if they gave me an extra day off I would take it. I won’t cut off my nose to upset my face.

Craig Denial said: “No… but if we have a day off, yes! *goes for buntings*”

A few readers were confused, it was even a talking point. Ian Berrisford said, “Who’s the nincompoop that thought of that?”

Some of the responses were less cordial and much more edgy, for example Mick Oldfield, who said it was a “total waste of time and money, the witch is dead”.

Eugene Solomon, as is his thing, replied with a very firm “FOAD”. Oh, she did. Cross-dressing.” We assume he meant “senseless, defunct optimism.”

Cornelia Jane Hoades added: “Running in conjunction with November 5, yes why not.”

“It’s a waste of time and money”

A take shared by David Rayner, who added: “What, you mean like a bonfire night when we burn it down?”

Effigies seemed to be a theme, Annie on Twitter said, “Only if we can make bonfires and burn her effigy.”

Richard North was equally scathing: “That old bag did as much for GB as Adolf Hitler!

Leelewie on Twitter said: “Yes! And we should celebrate it by burning pictures of her and remembering the destruction and pain she has caused to our communities (especially in South Yorkshire). A a point of view that fellow Twitter user Riktking hailed as deserving of an award.

Ian Topley commented: “As long as they make it a public holiday, that creature had a lot of people sitting at home unable to work.”

Despite the opinions of some conservatives and a few commentators, it’s pretty clear that this is a well-rounded “no” from the region.

Best forgotten seems to be a recurring point of view.

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