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Eon accuses Martin Lewis of crashing his website ahead of energy price cap hike UK News

E.ON was one of many energy providers to see its website crash because of it, as people tried to get their readings ahead of the energy price cap hike that will come into effect. tomorrow (Friday April 1).

Mr Lewis had given this advice to people to take a meter reading to save money, as energy used before April can be charged at the cheapest rate.

In response to a customer, the E.ON Next account posted, “Unfortunately, each provider’s website and phone lines are hammered today.

Times Series: E.ON's tweet about Martin Lewis E.ON’s tweet about Martin Lewis

“Martin has once again created unprecedented demand, bringing Britain down. If you reply to our private message with the requested details, we can help you.

This tweet was later deleted.

Mr Lewis has since shared a Twitter user’s reaction to E.ON’s post, which read: ‘The cheek of them blame you!’

This reaction was not well received, with Sam McFaul tweeting: “Pretty outrageous to see @eon_next casually blaming @MartinSLewis for ‘bruising Britain’ when his advice to read your meter today (which has been picked up everywhere) is actually for the benefit of UK consumers (the tweet has since been deleted ofc).”

E.ON responded to Mr McFaul’s tweet by saying, “hi Sam, looks like our sense of humor missed the mark”, but that too was later deleted.

McFaul responded to this development by tweeting, “and of course Eon’s response to me blaming a failing sense of humor has also been removed. need urgent repair.”

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This notice was published: 2022-03-31 12:10:48

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