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What dishes are served at the Great British Menu 2022 banquet? UK News

The banquet will celebrate 100 years of British broadcasting and will be held at Alexandra Palace in London, where the first BBC radio broadcast took place in 1922.

TV and radio stars will be present and sample the food delights of the contestants, chosen by the judges during finals week.

The show is hosted by TV personality and chef Andi Oliver.


The judges include Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, chef and restaurateur Nisha Katona, and comedian and Off Menu food podcast host Ed Gamble.

For finals week, guest judges include Steve Pemberton, Floella Benjamin, Alison Steadman and Huw Edwards.

Who serves the starter?

Welsh chef Nathan Davies won over the judges on Monday and secured the chance to serve his ‘Merlin’s Potion’ entree.

The dish was inspired by the BBC television show Merlinwhich is filmed and set in Wales.

Merlin’s potion consisted of braised lamb neck, fermented grains, miso onion puree, pickled shallots and beer broth.

Times Series: Nathan's dish came with a candle and scroll the judges could light (BBC Pictures)Nathan’s dish came with a candle and scroll that the judges could light (BBC Pictures)

Davies, owner of SY23 in Aberystwyth, said: “We being in Wales we have fantastic lamb and all these wonderful ingredients which lend themselves quite naturally to the dish.

“To go all the way and get a dish at the banquet is an amazing achievement, and just a nice way to end the whole process.”

Who serves the fish dish?

Spencer Metzger, from Chigwell, Essex, won the fish trick with his ‘Be careful what you catch’ dish.

His tribute to sherlock holmes included brill, smoked beurre blanc, dulse, lime, chives, pickled grapes and seaweed.

Times Series: Spencer serving his plate (BBC Pictures)Spencer serving his dish (BBC Pictures)

He said: “I loved watching Sherlock Holmes and still do. I wanted to create something smoky, and it was important to me to use the area. I live not far from Baker Street anyway, so it’s totally appropriate.

“I wanted to showcase real fish cooking on the bone and not mess with the food.”

Who serves the main course?

Metzger also won the main course round with his Pride and Prejudice-inspired dish, based on the 1995 BBC series.

Banquet-worthy, ‘First Impression’ featured partridge, Sarladaise potatoes and poached pear.

Metzger, head chef at The Ritz London, said: “I almost cried when I won the main course, I worked so hard on this dish. There was a lot going on in this dish.

“It was really all I’ve learned in my entire career in one dish, almost. It really showcased all of the skills, all of my knowledge of classic cooking.”

Who serves dessert?

In an unprecedented move, Spencer and Chris both scored a perfect 40 on their dishes.

After calling Andi to vote, Chris won with his ‘Derry Girls’ TV-inspired dessert.

The trifle consisted of a base of hot chocolate fondant over crispy nougatine, plump raisins soaked in Oloroso, sherry jelly, roasted vanilla ice cream and subtle drizzles of arabica coffee oil.

Great British Menu: The Banquet airs on BBC Two at 7.30pm on Friday April 1.

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