The new Fiat 2023 electric supermini joins the revival of the Panda Car News

The stories are different, but we are two brands of people and we share a lot. I think what’s interesting is that we can divide the market in terms of size. We can be the smaller car specialist and Citroën then has more legitimacy to cover the D-segment – ​​and, of course, there will be some overlap in the middle.

Rival of the Corsa in 2023

The first new Fiat, a rival to the Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa, is “Punto-sized but not called Punto”, said Francois, referring to the popular Fiat city car which was withdrawn from sale in 2018 after 25 years and three generations.

There will likely be hybrid and all-electric variants of the new city car as Fiat prepares to go all-electric by 2027 at the latest, Francois said.

“We are resolutely betting on electricity for Europe,” he said. “We’re going to ramp up with electric versions on every new car and at some point make a change.

“Fiat should be the people’s Tesla: electric for all. Obviously, we need the cost of electrification to come down. By 2027 we will be ready, but maybe before. It will depend on the cost. I want us to be the first mainstream brand to be electric only.

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