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Myprotein, lululemon and more: practical items for all runners UK News

Whether you are new to running or are experienced in sports, it can be difficult to know which products are useful and which are not worth your time.

Running is a great sport, to get started all you really need is an open space and a good pair of shoes.

However, if you’re hitting a target or just want to improve your runs, adding steps and products to your process can get you there faster.

From great headphones to keep you in the mood (even in the rain) to seriously worthwhile extras, here are some products that will help make those errands easier come rain, shine or snow. .

Wireless Headset

A good pair of headphones is essential for any race. As you tick off miles, you don’t want to get your hands tangled in the cable or your pods popping out of your ear. These Mpow earbuds are ideal for runners, they come with different sizes of silicone to help them fit your ear perfectly.

They are also waterproof and have a long battery life.

Grab yourself a pair here.

Racing jackets

Although we always like to run in t-shorts, more often than not we time the sessions to avoid the strong wind and rain. Or even snow!

For these occasions, having enough removable layers is essential. Lately, this lululemon jacket has been grabbing attention for its flattering fit. Its lightweight material makes it perfect for running in cold weather and with a full zip it’s easy to take off when you start to warm up.

On Gymshark, this Speed ​​​​Jacket is ideal for rainy days. It has ventilation in the back and is easy to fold up if the weather clears up. Get yours here.

Fitness Tracker

A good fitness tracker is perfect for tracking your runs and your progress. This Forerunner 55 from Kid is a great model for tracking your runs and monitoring your overall health. Best of all, it’s available in four colors: black, white, aqua, and gray.

Hydration vest

The key to any run is proper hydration, and if you’re running longer distances, carrying enough fluids with you can be difficult.

Hydration vests are the perfect solution to this. This unisex hydration vest from Wiggle features an insulated bladder sleeve that fits a 1.5L bladder and includes two 500ml soft flasks.

Running socks

You might not think running socks have a purpose, but they actually help increase ventilation, provide extra cushioning, and cushion high impact areas.

That’s exactly what these men’s running socks from Asics do.

And for women, these running socks from Sports Shoes are ideal.

Energy gels and electrolytes

Fuel during and after your runs is essential to keep you going and recovering. For those long runs, the gels replenish lost carbs (energy!). They work by raising your blood sugar almost immediately, helping you put on those miles.

Science In Sport is well known for its wide range of energy gels, in various flavors. Isotonic gels are suitable for vegans and are nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free. Discover the flavors here.

To recover from your run, you need to replenish the nutrients you’ve lost. This means that hydration and electrolyte consumption were possible.

Science In Sport also has a wide range of products to help you get those electrolytes back, from powder you add to water or electrolyte gels.


And if we’re talking about recovery, we all know that one of the key steps to take is to make sure you’re getting enough protein. Protein is essential to help runners recover from their runs and build muscle to improve performance.

If you don’t like protein shakes, Myprotein has an amazing range of clear proteins. Just add water to flavored powders and enjoy the extra juice tasting.

The peach tea flavor is delicious, as is the refreshing orange mango.

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