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Town Hall rich list: Dozens of civil servants paid more than £100,000 a year in South Yorkshire UK News

The number of local government workers earning more than £100,000 has risen to its highest level since 2013-14, according to the latest figures from the TaxPayers’ Alliance, a right-wing lobby group campaigning for lower taxes.

Their last annual analysis was for the 2020/2021 financial year.

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South Yorkshire town halls. Top left: Doncaster Council. Top right: Sheffield Council. Bottom left: Rotherham Council. Bottom right: Barnsley Council.

John O’Connell, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, said: “Taxpayers facing a cost of living crisis want to know they are getting what they pay for from their local authority leaders.

“With households having suffered from the pandemic and now saddled with colossal tax bills, the country needs guidance on prioritizing key services without resorting to punitive tax hikes.

“These figures will allow residents to judge for themselves the bosses of the town halls and to hold their local councils to account.”

Sheffield Council had seven employees earning £100,000 or more in total pay.

Sheffield Council’s highest paid civil servants and their salaries were:

John Macilwraith, Executive Director for People: £154,322

Eugene Walker, Executive Director of Resources: £149,295

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health: £125,261

Executive Venue Director: £113,516

Acting Chief Executive: £134,069

Anonymous official: £112,500

Director of Policy and Performance: £89,327

Doncaster council had eight staff earning £100,000 or more in total pay.

The highest paid officials of Doncaster Council and their salaries were as follows:

Damian Allen, Managing Director: £168,755

Debbie Hogg, Director of Enterprise Resources: £127,083

Phil Holmes, director of adult health and wellbeing: £127,083

Riana Nelson, Director of Learning Opportunities, Skills and Culture: £127,083

Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health: £104,309

Scott Fawcus, surveillance officer: £95,438

Section 151 Officer Faye Tyas: £94,112

Anonymous official: £142,500

Barnsley Council had nine staff earning £100,000 or more in total pay.

Barnsley Council’s highest paid civil servants and their salaries were:

Sarah Norman, Managing Director: £180,000

Executive Venue Director: £128,000

Executive Director of Adults and Communities: £128,000

Executive Director of Public Health: £127,000

Executive Director of Children’s Services: £118,000

Executive Director of Core Services: £112,000

Chief Financial Officer (agent s151): £98,000

Anonymous official: £107,500

Rotherham council had five employees earning £100,000 or more in total pay.

Rotherham Council’s highest paid civil servants and their salaries were:

Managing Director: £170,767

Strategic Director of Adult Care and Housing: £133,756

Strategic Director or Regeneration and Environment: £123,645

Strategic Director of Finance and Client Services: £123,645

Former Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services: £87,225

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