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I still think so after riding a new P400 LWB, then a long SV model, trying it both rear and front. Every variation I tried had 23-inch rims shod with 285/40 tires.

Starting with the LWB, however, is a bit inauspicious. Its challenges are twofold. For one thing, if you’re in the back, I’m not sure the ride is up to snuff. It’s mostly flat and contained and controlled, but gets caught—as air suspension sometimes is—by very poor surfaces and expansion joints.

From the front, it’s better, but there is still a small problem. The steering is beautifully smooth and precise and the other control weights are spot on. The insulation is good (those knocks that affect driving in the front also from the side, although they are less noticeable behind the wheel) and the noise levels are really low. But there’s something about the way he directs, spins and balances his body movements that feels unnatural.

There’s a lot of facets and chassis technologies at work, and while it’s impressive, and in a way that most passengers and a few drivers won’t really notice, you don’t always get the number of turns you requested. . It’s subtle. It’s basically good, but feels like it needs a little more finesse.

Considering there are so many powertrain options, there are two lengths and JLR is a relatively modest size globally, it’s perhaps understandable that the variants don’t impress in the same way.

If the long doesn’t quite hit the target, wrap the short. It dispels doubts in about five turns.

I drove a P530 and then a D350. The P530’s BMW-sourced V8 is a real peach, but, like the Defender’s V8 (a different engine), it feels a bit ‘not made for the Brits’. It’s vigorous, smooth and enticing, but you’re probably not going to buy one, as it’s its first edition spec, it costs £140,420 before options and returns 275g/km of CO2.

The D350 is more palatable, although those things are relative: it costs £108,775 in HSE form and emits 205g/km. But the Ingenium 3.0-litre inline-six pulls away well and, paired with an understated interior, looks like the oldest version of the new Range Rover and the most attractive: a car that would be happy to go from farm in Glyndebourne.

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