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Netflix can decide your next vacation from Bridgeton to Money Heist UK News

With summer approaching and after two long years of travel bans and restrictions, we can finally take a long break and travel abroad without worries.

But after two years of a pent-up vacation, you may find yourself in a situation where you have so many places to visit that you can’t make up your mind.

Well, you’re in luck because MyBaggage has created the perfect Jetflix interactive tool, which lets you decide your next vacation destination based on your Netflix watchlist.

All you have to do is answer five simple questions, including your favorite genre, the type of vacation you’re looking for and the time of year you want to travel.

Times Series: Jetflix.  (MyBaggage) Jetflix. (MyBaggage)

So whether you like to lie on the beach, prefer adventures or want a romantic getaway, Jetflix offers a variety of options to choose from, so that every user can find their ideal destination.

If you’re a Bridgerton fan, be prepared to say hello to the high society as you might be whisked away to rural Bath and visit the spots featured on the hit TV show.

But if you prefer to experience the tense scenes of Money Heist, you can take a trip to Madrid and explore the hustle and bustle of Madrid and see some incredible monuments.

If you want to see where your favorite show might take you, try the interactive tool and start planning.

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