Bentley Mulsanne to be reborn as luxury electric GT Car News

This is largely attributed to growth in SUVs, but with the Bentayga already accounting for half of Bentley’s sales, the manufacturer is expected to take another direction with a next-generation Mulsanne in two-car form. doors.

The marque already has an example of such a car in this segment: the £1.5million Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, an ultra-exclusive roofless grand tourer from its coachwork division. The Bacalar is seen as a test bed for a model of this size and style, but with Bentley’s W12 rather than the next electric drivetrain.

The first electric vehicles in Bentley’s zero-emission range will use a platform co-developed with Volkswagen Group sibling Audi. The architecture will be used on a number of electric vehicles to ensure cost savings, but it is not yet clear whether it will extend to a model the size of Mulsanne. Either way, Bentley is expected to be heavily involved in the development of the platform.

Hallmark recently told Autocar, “Before, [our platforms] were developed from group architectures that were developed long before we got to the party. The effort to change supplier systems and requirements has been a major hurdle for Bentley in the past. “With this generation of cars, from the start, we were involved in ensuring the specification that Bentley needed. I can’t stress enough what a breakthrough this is. It’s a game-changer.

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