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Brexit ‘silver lining’ for business, huge move making UK ‘more resilient’ to shocks | United Kingdom | News UK News

Thus, the effects of the current global economic crises on consumer prices would likely have been felt by businesses in the same way.

Mr Jessop said: “If you are a private company and we were still in the EU, and you wanted to reduce your exposure to global commodity prices or global supply shocks, you could have done that. anyway”.

He added: “If companies were happy to import from the rest of the world, including the EU before, and all that has changed is that the cost of doing so has gone up, then I don’t see why not doing it anymore is going to be of any use to UK consumers.

“If it made sense to do it before costs rose, how are we better off if we can no longer afford to do it when costs have risen?”

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This notice was published: 2022-04-10 23:00:00

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