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The Care Service is looking for dedicated people who want to care for individuals and families with personal health needs.

There are positions available in Brighton and Hove, Stoke, Leicestershire, Blackburn and more with varying hours and pay rates on offer.

Here’s everything you need to know about HomeCareDirect and how you can join the team.

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Established in 2003, HomeCareDirect is a national care service that is committed to supporting those living with a health condition or disability so that they can live at home within their local community.

The care service aims to give those with a personal health budget, out-of-pocket payments, or their own funding the ability to control the support they need.

A direct payment or personal health budget is when you’ve been given money to pay for your own care, the service says.

The service gives individuals and families the ability to choose, employ and organize their own personal assistants that will meet their needs.

On their website, HomeCareDirect states that “when choosing a personal assistant, it’s not only important to find someone with the right skills, but also someone with the right personality and perspective.”

As part of this initiative, people receiving care will always know who is coming to their home and when, while providing the flexibility to tailor their personal assistants to their lifestyle.

What services does HomeCareDirect offer?

HomeCareDirect provides the following services:

  • It acts as a legal employer for service users so they don’t have to worry about a support worker or carer making a claim
  • It helps service users choose support workers and train them to meet their needs
  • It operates a helpline for care users and support workers as well as after-hours emergency contacts.
  • It facilitates meetings between service users and support workers to talk about their work
  • It ensures that care meets the standards set by the Care Quality Commission

See the full range of services offered through the HomeCareDirect website.

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Does HomeCareDirect offer training?

HomeCareDirect personal assistants can be friends, neighbors, family members, or people found through advertisements and interviews.

The care service organizes continuous training for personal assistants, whether they are qualified care professionals or have no prior care experience.

It recognizes that people are the experts in their situation, so service users are involved at every stage of the training process.

Not to mention that, where possible, ongoing training will take place in your home and service users are encouraged to contribute directly to the training of your personal assistants.

Physician Assistants will only be trained in areas specific to your needs in order to elevate the level and quality of training while keeping costs to a minimum.

HomeCareDirect community nurses provide a wide range of personal assistant training, from theoretical learning to hands-on hands-on techniques.

When new personal assistants start, they receive induction training before beginning an individualized training program that is designed specifically around what is best for the service user.

All personal assistants will also go through the care certificate.

View all current personal assistant positions and apply for a position through the HomeCareDirect website.

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