9 ways to trick the kids with an Easter egg hunt! Bedford News

Children ready for an Easter egg hunt (photo: adobe)

And the garden building experts at have come up with some of the most unusual places to place chocolate treats or eggs to trick your little ones.

This list of top ten ideas should keep the kids enthralled for a long time and entertained during the holidays.

A spokesperson said: ‘Children love going on scavenger hunts, and finding Easter eggs is no different. Easter egg hunts are a great way to keep toddlers busy during the school holidays. Plus, you can use it as an opportunity to help them explore and learn more about their garden.

easter egg hunt

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By having them roam and search every hidden corner of their garden, finally finding the Easter eggs will be all the more rewarding and give them fond memories for years to come.

Here are some of the best places suggests to put your Easter eggs:

Storage boxes: These make great hiding places, especially if they can be tucked away in plain sight under other items.

Looking for Easter eggs in the garden (photo: adobe)

Inside the BBQ: A favorite for many families to keep the kids guessing – the eggs nestled nicely in the middle of the charcoal (or just inside the hood) will have them puzzled. Just be sure to remove it if you plan to light up the Barbie!

In flowerbeds: Youngsters will undoubtedly stare into your flowerbeds, so the trick here is how to hide them well. Ideally, place them farther from lawns or paths and deep enough into plant stems and leaves that children would otherwise easily reach.

Under the porch: Depending on the size of your garden or backyard, this is a safe place to place the eggs – whether under the porch or the patio steps if you have them.

Behind Table Legs: This works well in hiding the egg from view and presents several opportunities if placed behind a picnic table or garden table leg.

In the Mailbox: Children are unlikely to think of checking here until they are far enough along in their search. Plus, it’s a perfect hideout in case of an April shower!

A gardening glove: A sneaky idea to keep kids guessing for a long time. Few people would easily think of checking inside a set of spare gardening gloves strategically placed outside.

The recycling bin: Make sure it’s clean first! This could be a great place to hide eggs up on empty plastic bottles and cardboard.

In a bike helmet: Similar to the trick of gardening gloves, children may not think of looking inside a helmet hanging from a bike balanced against the wall or in the garden shed.

Inside a patio chair cushion: Proceed with caution, but it’s a great place if you can pull it out! Remind adults watching not to sit on the chairs for fear of crushing the hidden eggs. This one leaves the kids puzzled as they hunt down the chocolate!

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