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The new Dacia Jogger scored one out of five stars in the latest round of Euro NCAP safety tests, while the DS 4 and Honda HR-V both scored a respectable four stars.

The results for the Jogger, the UK’s cheapest seven-seater car, were based on those achieved by the Dacia Sandero Stepway with which he shares an almost identical platform.

The Sandero Stepway earned two out of five stars last year and Euro NCAP compared the two cars before verifying that the results from the Sandero Stepway could be applied to the Jogger, before proceeding with further testing.

Dacia’s minivan scored 70% for adult occupant safety and 69% for child occupant security. It scored 41% for protecting vulnerable road users and 39% for its safety assist features.

The Jogger also lost marks because it didn’t offer a seat belt reminder for the rearmost seats and the side curtain airbag didn’t provide enough protection for those seated in the rear.

“For a family car, this safety performance is disappointing. The vehicle may be more affordable than others in the same category, but in terms of safety it looks like you get what you pay for,” said Matthew Avery, Director of Research Strategy at Thatcham Research.

“In this case, not only does the Dacia Jogger lack the active safety features that buyers expect as standard, but even some of its basic passive safety features do not meet industry standards set by the vast majority of car manufacturers.

A Dacia spokesperson said in a statement: “At Dacia, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. As a car manufacturer, Dacia’s goal has always been to produce vehicles that meet the expectations of our customers: modern, affordable and fully compliant with European regulations.”

The Romanian firm reiterated that it would not “pursue Euro NCAP stars” or implement features and technologies “that customers do not want to use and/or pay for”.

“The Jogger is a safe new C-segment car, homologated and compliant with European safety regulations. It is safe and protects occupants to a high level,” Dacia continued.

“It offers a comprehensive list of safety features, offering better protection than most cars on European roads today.

“The Jogger is structurally identical to the Sandero Stepway but has a different roofline towards the rear. According to Euro NCAP protocol, the five-seater Jogger should have the same rating as the Sandero: four stars in occupant protection and two stars in However, there will be no details released on the five-seater version of Jogger by Euro NCAP.The final Jogger rating relates to the seven-seater version only.

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