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Six Best Easter Baking Recipes for Kids and Adults Wine News

Easter is a great time of year to go wild with color. I like to inject my personality into my baking, and the Easter themes – chicks, bunnies, spring flowers – allow for so much creativity. We could all use a baking project to help us unwind right now, and it’s a fantastic thing to do with the kids over spring break.

Absolutely everything in a hot cross bun appeals to me: cinnamon, currants and citrus are some of my favorite things. In my recipe below, I like the way the dough rises to make it look like the little bunnies are slightly pressed into the bread and coming out of their warren.

I invented carrot cookies after seeing people make little animal cookies for Chinese New Year. The dough is easy to shape and the color will stay vibrant after baking. They’re also gluten-free, which means they’re also deliciously chewy and crumbly.

The funfetti cake, below, is a real hit. You need to give yourself plenty of time – bake the cakes one day and decorate the next, or you might end up exhausted when it comes time to wash up. I would recommend a turntable for this, as well as an offset palette knife and scraper to keep the frosting nice and neat.

The most important thing is to have fun with it. Do your own thing and get off the tracks – that’s the fun of cooking. A lot of people think it’s scientific and precise, but I think it’s pretty funny when something doesn’t go as planned. Embrace the cracks and wobbly bits and incorporate them into your design. It’s Easter: there’s nothing to stress about.

Hot cross bunnies

These will make your house smell wonderful and you can have fun creating whatever bunny shapes you like from the unrisen dough. The bunnies are more for decoration, but they add a lot of fun and charm to this classic Easter bake.

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