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When we tested the Dacia Sandero Stepway on the road a few months ago the verdict was so clear (not the perfect car but much better than you’d expect for the money) that we started wondering exactly how big was the ramp up of it all. -new model, using its modern Renault Clio platform.

Dacia, who did not hesitate to help us quantify the extent of its improvement, gladly sent a previous Stepway for evaluation, of the same power as our TCe 90 but on a now outdated platform. This car’s lack of knee room in the rear and its less comfortable entry/exit, despite being only a few millimeters difference overall, was immediately apparent.

This old versus new thing was especially enticing when we made a list on paper of what both cars have. They are remarkably similar. The real differences are in the execution: the new car looks classier and much more modern. The fuller, more sculpted body sections give it a lot more presence; he is less willing to “know his place” in the automotive firmament.

The proof that the new Stepway is as attractive as any city car is that people who don’t study the car brand hierarchy simply don’t see any difference in status between this latest Dacia and, say, the Volkswagen. Polo. The previous Stepway was much more stylish to keep in its locker.

These differences continue in the cabin. A knurled metal gear knob in the Last Stepway is a dig at the much taller car vendors. The clever use of fabric-covered hard plastic softens it in the eyes of the beholder, while saving money. The center screen is as professional and well-executed as that of many more expensive city cars.

With a reasonably sized and shaped wheel and low-effort input, the steering also rivals the best cars, while its ancestor is quite vague. Only after many kilometers you notice some weaknesses. Just sometimes around the straight he does a slight tramline and lacks a bit of precision.

On our favorite B route, the old Dacia is softer but also less controlled. The new one is easier to grip, taking neutral corners even in really long corners taken hard. The differences show up in the ride quality, too. The new car is day and night newer and better controlled, although there are still times when it thinks it could do with more wheel travel and better control at the ends. While the two 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinders are remarkably smooth, the new car has noticeable noise intrusion and floor vibrations.

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