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Iceland turns Chewits, Malteser, Hershey’s and more into delicious popsicles UK News

Now, foodie shoppers can enjoy their favorite sweet snacks in the form of popsicles as we head into the Easter holiday.

Here are all of Iceland’s confectionery treats and how much it will cost to fill your freezer.

Times Series: White Malteser Ice Cream.  Credit: IcelandWhite Malteser ice cream. Credit: Iceland

Iceland launches popular candy-inspired popsicles in new line

The tantalizing new range is inspired by popular nostalgic candy and chocolate, straight from its confectionery department.

There’s something for everyone, from chocolatey goodness to Malteser lollipops (one milk chocolate and one raspberry) or you can taste the rainbow with its signature Skittles ice cream.

Iceland has also launched innovative flavors like Millions Irn Bru and Banana/Toffee Ice Cream, the Chewits range and a Fruitella collection.

Discover below the complete exclusive range to delight your taste buds this summer.

Times Series: Strawberry Flavored Chewits Ice Cream Sticks.  Credit: IcelandStrawberry flavored Chewits ice cream sticks. Credit: Iceland

All of Iceland’s range of candy-inspired popsicles

  • Hershey’s Cookies and Cream (£3.00, 500ml)
  • Millions Irn Bru Ice Cream (£3.50, 500ml)
  • Banana/Caramel Millions Ice Cream (£3.50, 500ml)
  • White Malteser (£3.00, 3pk)
  • Malteser Raspberry (£3.00, 3pk)
  • Skittles Rainbow Ice Cream (£3.00, 500ml)
  • Swizzels Drumstick Squashies popsicles (£2.00, 4pk)
  • Swizzles Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum Lollies (£2.00, 4pk)
  • Violets of Parma Swizzle (£2.00, 4pk)
  • Chewits Strawberry Ice Cream Sticks 6 Pack (£2.00, pack of 6)
  • Chewits 6pk Blue Raspberry Ice Cream Sticks (£2.00, 6pk)
  • Chewits 6pk Cherry Sticks (£2.00, 6pk)
  • Fruitella 6 Stack Ice Lollies (coming May 11)
  • Fruitella 6 Strawberry (coming May 11)
  • 10 Bites Mint Poppets (coming May 11)
  • 10 Salted Caramel Bites Poppets (coming May 11)

Shop the full line of Icelandic candy-inspired popsicles through the Icelandic website.

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