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Jeremy Vine caller slams proposed Easter egg cigarette-style disclaimers | United Kingdom | News UK News

Jeremy Vine was joined by a number of angry callers who had strong opinions about including health warnings on supermarket Easter egg boxes. Listeners phoned in to join the heated discussion after Vine floated the idea of ​​putting cigarette-style warnings on the packaging.

Pam from Essex called to say: “Well, that’s very condescending, isn’t it really.

“I mean, you can’t have an Easter egg once a year now.

“This is completely crazy.”

Vine asked, “But what about people who might have four Easter eggs?”

Pam replied, “Surely we have a choice, don’t we?

“Well, I hear you, but we all foot the results bill,” Mr Vine replied.

Pam replied, “But you can’t restrict people like that, it’s absolutely crazy.”

Peter, in North Lanarkshire, said: “Two words: personal responsibility.

‘Where does it end?’

He continued: “Where do you draw the line?

“You should continue to draw warnings and continue to do so on boxes of chocolates, family-size bags of crisps, because salt is also dangerous in large quantities.”

Meanwhile, two Cadbury World chocolatiers have crafted a monster Easter egg to celebrate the holiday.

The handcrafted egg, which features a springtime scene including bunnies, a fox and an owl, weighs around 889 standard Cadbury Dairy Milk bars.

Visitors to Cadbury World in Bournville, just outside Birmingham city centre, can view the milk chocolate solid masterpiece throughout April.

“Dawn and Donna are renowned for creating chocolate Easter egg creations, and they definitely continued the tradition with this year’s masterpiece,” said Diane Mitchell, Marketing Director at Cadbury World. .

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to Cadbury World this Easter, and we’re so excited for all guests to see our crunchy chocolate creation in person!”

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