Consider launching restomod arm with upgraded Austin Healey Car News

“The concept was to clean up the car without changing the proportions,” said Darryl Scriven, who oversaw the design. “He takes the car in its purest form and removes elements that could have been seen as compromises.

The suspension is subtly revised with new coil springs at the front, retaining the original leaf springs at the rear, but with new anti-roll bars all around.

When the engine returns from JME, the 3.0-liter inline-four produces 185 hp at 5,000 rpm and 195 lb-ft of torque and goes through a five-speed manual transmission rather than the box. three-speed shifters from the original Healey with overdrive in second and third.

Disc brakes are also from JME, instead of the stock drum brakes.

The total weight is about 920 kg.

The gearbox has a smaller bell than the original, which frees up considerable space in the cabin, as does the removal of a spare wheel behind the seats. A new set of pedals complements an improved riding position and Caton has redesigned and redesigned the interior. There’s no heater, stereo, tonneau cover or hood, but the windshield has been raised slightly higher for less windy cruising.

Caton estimates he spent 2,000 hours working on the Healey prototype but hopes to reduce that for the next 24 cars.

He is going to charge £474,000 including the donor car and VAT for the conversion.

The Caton Healey will make its public debut at London’s Salon Privé from April 21-23, before heading to Bicester Heritage’s Scramble on Sunday April 24.

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