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Over 1,000 revelers attend ‘unauthorised’ rave in rural Dorset countryside ‘upsetting’ Bath City News

More than 1,000 late-night revelers attended an unsanctioned rave in the rural southwest countryside.

The rave performed in East Lulworth in Dorset on Saturday night (April 16) and caused ‘concern’ among local residents. Dorset Police are at the scene after receiving numerous calls from people who can hear loud music.

According to Dorset Live, the rave was still going on at 8am and police are trying to shut it down, including contacting the landowner.

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Police said in a statement that they were “monitoring” the situation and were aware that residents were having their sleep disturbed by the event.

They said: “It is reported that around 1,000 people are attending the event. A large number of vehicles were also reported circulating in the area.

“We have received a number of calls from concerned and upset residents who have had their sleep disrupted by noise levels from the event. I want to reassure them that we are fully aware of this large unauthorized gathering of people and that we are monitoring the situation and taking action to deal with it.

“Officers are at the scene to investigate, which includes contacting the landowner. Road closures are in place to prevent direct access to the area. We would like to send a direct message to those attending the event – you are an trespasser, please leave and return home immediately.

Officers have confirmed that B3070 is closed following the rave.

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