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Gow refers to the sliding boost scale that replaces the hit-ballast equalization that has made race weekends so unpredictable.

“Teams have had their cars designed over the past few years to figure out how to work with different weights,” he says. “All of this is now going out the window. Everyone will use the same base weight, but still with a 30kg difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

“The only variable will be how much hybrid power you have, depending on your position in the championship and the previous race. Hopefully that will also throw the form out the window. That said, the cream still rises to the top.

As always, Gow and his TOCA technical team will react quickly if the new system needs tweaking – although reasonably, knee-jerk reactions to any major surprises at Donington will be avoided.

“I was very clear with the teams throughout, says the boss. “We did a lot of bench simulations and we think what we have is about right. That’s my hunch, because none of the teams came back to us and said, “Ah, we think that’s wrong in the way it’s calculated.” They will also have done their simulations.

“But if we have to massage those numbers throughout the year, we will. You know how we are: we always make changes if we deem it necessary. But we won’t do it race by race; we will take a view after a quarter of a season.

“Don’t underestimate the other changes to come,” he adds. “There is a new TOCA engine built by M-Sport, which 50% of the field will use. All cars will use the new Cosworth electronics suite. In addition, there is a new on-board race control-signalling system. There are therefore many changes, probably too many, that the pilots will have to adjust. »

Toggle the status quo

Does Gow face a lot of pushback from the beleaguered BTCC teams who have come out of the pandemic so well still in good shape?

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