Guide to buying a used car: Mini Cooper (1959-2000) Car News

So if you’re convinced a classic Mini Cooper is the car for you, what kind of budget do you need? The good news is that prices start at under £10,000 – surprisingly low for such a beloved automotive icon.

We definitely recommend grabbing one while you can, as they are becoming more desirable by the day. Wait too long and you might have to go on an epic gold heist yourself to get yourself one.

What we said then

April 12, 1963: “To transmit the extra torque [of the Cooper S]the [Cooper’s] the clutch was modified, but it lost none of its feel or smoothness for ordinary riding. For a quick getaway, it bites down hard without spinning and, wet or dry, the SP tires grip remarkably well to help the little car pull away. Zero to 30 mph in first gear in 4.3 seconds is a quick start for such a small and understated.

How to get one in your garage

A view from one owner, Sam Phillips: “I own a 1990 Rover Mini Cooper RSR. Having an automotive icon tucked away in the garage is a real privilege, not just because it’s a great little car, but also because of the history behind it. Naturally, an older car brings with it a host of maintenance tasks, and rust is something to be wary of, especially on the sills and bulkhead.But behind the wheel, you can’t help but smile, thanks to its nimble handling and wonderfully charismatic exhaust, which produces a nostalgic chirp reminiscent of the cars in The Italian Job.

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