Power-hungry appliances add £130 to bills this year Business

“Fridge-freezers are the most expensive appliances to operate. It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. mentioned. “Yet our tests reveal that some use less than a quarter of the energy that others use.”

Meanwhile, the Miele TCB140 WP and TSB143 WP heat pump tumble dryers will cost 24 pence per load, or £38.04 for a year’s use, compared to £174.67 for rival Beko DTBC10001, according to which ? to research.

And the Ebac AWM86D2H and AWM74D2H are expected to cost £25.61 to run the main cotton wash at 40C four times a week for a year, compared to the Whirlpool W8W946WRUK which uses almost four times as much energy and will cost £94, £60 for the year, which one? mentioned.

He added that while many efficient models cost more than inefficient ones, “they could pay for themselves in savings in just a few years, and even end up costing £1,000 less over their lifetime”.

Telegraphic analysis of Which? figures indicate lifetime savings could reach £5,596 at current price cap rates.

The 54% increase in the energy price cap on April 1 pushed average energy bills to £1,971, with households warning that prices are set to rise again in October as Russia’s war on Ukraine prolongs turmoil in global gas markets.

Earlier this month the government presented an ‘energy security strategy’ aimed at boosting long-term domestic energy supply, although it has been criticized for not doing more to ensure homes do not waste energy in the short term, thanks to better energy efficiency measures.

Miele’s Alastair Cooke said the company was looking to “produce the most durable appliances possible”.

John Elliott, founder of Ebac, said his machines were also very good at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

David Palmer of LG Electronics said he was “committed to developing products that reduce environmental impacts throughout their life cycle”.

Beko, Hotpoint and Whirlpool did not respond to requests for comment.

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