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Lumo train emergency stop causes panic among passengers and minor injuries UK News

An investigation has been launched after a London-bound Lumo train from Newcastle was forced into an emergency stop on Sunday morning (April 17). The 0825 (1Y80) service to Kings Cross came to an abrupt halt near Peterborough, causing panic and minor injuries among its passengers.

British Transport Police said 15 people had minor injuries and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch had been notified. Lumo, meanwhile, said all travelers were re-routed before the train was taken out of service for security checks, leading to the cancellation of further trips.

Passenger Neuma Domingos took to Twitter and said, “I have a bad knee!! And pretty shaken up but I’ll be fine, she felt terrified when the train started moving again.”

Ellie Foster, meanwhile, also described her experience on the social media platform. “At the time, we had no idea what had happened and I felt like the train had derailed (obviously not) and was still shaking passengers and luggage around the carriage. was a very scary experience and could have ended it much worse than it did.”

Operator Lumo said it was “very sorry for any distress the sudden stop may have caused. Such occurrences can be life-altering for passengers and we have taken great care to check on everyone’s well-being. It there have been luggage drops and naturally many people will have felt the effects of the sudden stop.”

He added: “A full investigation is currently underway and we are assisting our driver and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch to determine precisely what happened.”

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