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1 Mercedes Benz EQE 350 2022 first driving test drive
Mercedes is creating an electric equivalent of the E-Class in its quest to outdo Tesla Mercedes-Benz means business with the Mercedes EQS luxury sedan’s new little brother: a super-slick travel soap of an executive EV, rather than a large format bar. Specifically, EQE stands for Global Fleet Activity. Unlike the larger EQS, this new all-electric sedan will be built in Beijing as well as Bremen. And to eventually drop to an equivalent entry price of less than £70,000, he should achieve significantly higher sales volumes than his longer and more expensive relationship. It’s every inch the EQS shrunk, for better and for worse, from its teardrop-shaped outline to its almost perfectly smooth surfaces and ever so smooth arc-shaped silhouette. Being a bit shorter in the rear end might balance out its looks better I guess but honestly Mercedes can put my name in the design ‘not convinced’ column I hate to see one of the creators of car design luxury abandoning so many of its time-tested conventions in the name of a clean break from the old automotive world it is now so desperate to represent. A long hood, balanced proportions and a planted stance are what define a desirable car (visually, at least), but Mercedes’ EQ sub-brand seems to be taking a much more bland and anonymous route, even if the associated aerodynamics are first class. perhaps. The EQE uses a shortened version of the EVA2 car architecture that the EQS strapped in, with a shorter wheelbase of around 90mm. It carries two drive battery modules, instead of three, under the cabin floor for a usable capacity of 90 kWh, up from 108 kWh. 53 versions of it (the highest and lowest coming a bit later than the mid-range), while other markets will also get the four-wheel-drive EQE 500 and AMG EQE 43 versions. The suspension on lower-end derivatives are via standard steel coils, with higher-level versions benefiting from Airmatic air suspension instead. is concerned. Obviously Milton Keynes wants to keep some key gimmicks for the top model. The other top-tier difference between the EQE and EQS is that the latter has a lift-up cargo bay and the former a separate trunk. However, the luggage carrying capacity of the EQE is still quite large. However, no doubt because of that sloping roofline, the rear cabin is sorely lacking in headroom. Mercedes UK will fit a panoramic glass roof on all EQE trim levels, which is partly to blame. If you’re over 6-foot-2, you’ll be more comfortable traveling in the front, where the driving position is just a bit higher than the average sedan and gives you good all-around visibility. except where the car’s sloping A-pillars intersect. We tested the EQE 350+ in Avantgarde and AMG Line versions. Mercedes UK won’t be offering the former, which is sad, as we preferred its seating comfort, lighter-coloured cabin ambience and more natural-looking materials. porous wood on the dash and more than enough digital space between the giant central touchscreen, digital instrument display and large head-up display anyway. The EQE does luxury on the go very well. On those air springs, it’s remarkably quiet and well insulated, both in and out of town, and cocooning from wind noise. Cushioned and supple, it handled the tram tracks and expansion joints of downtown Frankfurt effortlessly in Comfort ride mode. The filtered but still intuitive steering makes it surprisingly nimble and easy to place in traffic, and body control and handling agility are both pretty well tidied up at higher speeds. performance; and in a modern EV of the kind that so many of us drive with an eye on the remaining range, you really wouldn’t miss the excessive power of the AMG model. While we’re on this, our tests have suggested that the claimed range of up to 394 miles should turn into an actual range of between 250 and 300 miles. The EQE is made extremely easy to drive if you leave the powertrain in Intelligent regeneration mode, and particularly when you’re out of town with cruise control on, when it almost feels like an imposition of having to operate a pedal. occasionally (the car can accelerate and decelerate with the surrounding traffic and keep an eye on the speed limit automatically, but it still cannot read a red light). If you prefer to take full control and fully engage behind the wheel, you can choose your…

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