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What’s in the center aisles of Aldi and Lidl on Easter Monday April 18 UK News

The central aisle of Aldi and Lidl is popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on everything from sustainable living to creative cooking.

And this week’s special shopping shifts to Monday, with Easter Sunday seeing all supermarkets closed and giving staff a well-earned rest.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest deals are always worth checking out and there are fantastic buys from Monday 18 April

Let’s take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

Aldi special purchases

This Monday, you’ll find a range of items among Aldi’s Specialbuys, including clothes steamers and sustainable living products.

With the vertical steamer that provides up to 40 minutes of steam, you can say goodbye to ironing and have all your delicate items in perfect condition.

The steamer comes with gloves, brush, trouser clips, ironing curtain and hanger. And you can get it now for just £49.99.

Times Series: Ceramic Saucepan.  (Aldi)Ceramic saucepan. (Aldi)

If you’ve tried to be more eco-friendly and are looking for a sustainable lifestyle but are worried about the cost, look no further because Aldi has you covered.

The ceramic pan has an eco-friendly non-stick coating and you have the choice between a frying pan or a frying pan. Even better, it’s only £12.99 and you can get it now.

Times Series: Beeswax wraps.  (Aldi)Beeswax wraps. (Aldi)

You can even say goodbye to cling film because Aldi sells Beeswax Wraps, which are reusable cotton fabrics coated with beeswax. There are three sizes in a pack, small, medium and large and you can choose from three designs. Buy them now for just £7.99 through Aldi.

If you’re looking for new trays, the Kirkton House Bamboo Tray is the perfect option. With a choice of three colours, mint, white, natural, you can get them now for just £6.99 each.

The central aisle of Lidl:

This week, Lidl has all the creative cooking essentials you could want, from waffle irons to state-of-the-art coffee machines.

Times series: Tassimo coffee machine.  (Lidl)Tassimo coffee machine. (Lidl)

With the Tassimo Happy Pod coffee machine at the top of the shopping list. It allows you to prepare your favorite drinks from tea, coffee and even hot chocolate.

Plus, thanks to its smart technology, it knows the exact brew time, size and temperature of the drink, and it’s super fast, so even if you’re late, there’s still time for a coffee.

You can buy it now from Lidi and save £65 with a new price of just £34.99.

Or if you’re a waffle fan, you’re in luck because you can get the Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Waffle Maker that lets you make five heart-shaped waffles at once.

The high quality non-stick coating ensures there’s no mess and you can get it now for just £14.99.

Times Series: Kettle Tower.  (Lidl)Kettle tower. (Lidl)

If you’re looking for a new kettle, the Tower 1.7L Glitz Kettle should be in your shopping cart.

With a 1.7L capacity, you can brew 7 cups of your favorite beverage and watch the water boil with a cool blue light effect. You can buy it now for just £29.99 from Lidl.

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