Boris Johnson delivers just a predictably tawdry PMQ performance: The Yorkshire Post says Yorkshire News

But the beleaguered Boris Johnson’s performance at PMQ today was just another page in his predictably tacky playbook.

We’ve seen it before, and we’ll probably see it again: the remorse simulation one day, the warlike jester routine the next.

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However, his desperate jokes become less funny with each appearance, as finishers fail to land and his transparent deflections of legitimate points made by opposing members only seem like symptoms of a deep-seated contempt for the public, one that may well bleed his blood. nose at the moment. local elections in two weeks.

Boris Johnson.

His cabinet colleagues and MPs must also take responsibility for laughing along with the acting prime minister sanctioned for breaking the law, after receiving a fixed sanction notice for breaking his own Covid-19 rules, and they are apparently happy to offer a stay of execution.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, however, who looked utterly hurt sitting next to Johnson in the House of Commons on Tuesday, was conspicuous by his absence today.

Labor hopes to increase the pressure with a vote, as the prime minister is in India tomorrow, on whether to refer him to the privileges committee to determine whether he misled Parliament.

For all of Johnson’s glib claims that the British public simply want him to continue to meet their needs, this is far from over.

The headlines in scandal after scandal are occurring at a time when the electorate is facing the most drastic drop in living standards in decades.

Beneath the smile, Mr. Johnson must be wondering how many more rounds he can take.

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