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Hotel Chocolat launches a massive 50% sale UK News

With Easter officially over for another year, Hotel Chocolat’s giant chocolate sale is now underway.

Shoppers can save 50% on some of their favorite holiday treats, including huge chocolate eggs and awesome gift baskets.

Not for the faint-hearted, the 100% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg has gone from £15 to £7.50. The intensely luxurious Easter egg is designed for diehard chocolate lovers and is studded with Turkish raisins and unbleached Californian almonds.

Hotel Chocolat directly grows some of the cocoa beans for their opulent chocolate.

Times Series: 100% dark chocolate Easter egg Credit: Hotel Chocolat 100% dark chocolate Easter egg Credit: Hotel Chocolat

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A fun and whimsical take on an egg carton, a dozen chocolate quail eggs will now set you back £5 from £10 a week ago.

Included in ‘Quail Eggs’ is a vanilla egg, filled with a luxurious 40% milk ganache and pre-cracked to reveal a golden yolk. Those with a dark side to their taste buds may enjoy the “simple dark” egg; made from 85%.

Times Series: a dozen chocolate quail eggs Credit: Hotel Chocolat a dozen chocolate quail eggs Credit: Hotel Chocolat

Bright eyes and fluffy tails, the chocolate bunnies at Hotel Chocolat know how to dress up for Easter.

The ‘Orange and Lemon Bunny Picker’ is the perfect springtime treat for those who like their chocolate with a fresh fruity twist and with 50% off you can get your hands on it for £2.50.

These lively bunnies are made from our sumptuously smooth white chocolate, with a touch of natural citrus for a perfectly balanced kick.

Times Series: The The ‘orange and lemon rabbit picker’ Credit: Hotel Chocolat

The ‘ultimate Easter basket’ has been reduced from £100 to £50 and includes a bit of everything.

It features the “You Crack Me Up Extra-Thick Egg” made with 40% milk chocolate on one side and creamy white caramel on the other, stuffed with award-winning milk truffles.

Then there’s the “Hard Boiled Egg Brownie,” where 50% milk chocolate meets smooth pecan praline for a stylish new spin on the Easter classic.

Times Series: The Ultimate Chocolate Hotel Easter Basket.  Credit: Hôtel ChocolatThe ultimate Hotel Chocolat Easter basket. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

The Easter H-Box is here to offer bites. Whether you’re snacking on the go, passing around the table, or incorporating it into an Easter egg hunt.

The basket also includes the divine “Chocolate Spread Sandwich”, with a smooth milk praline half-egg on each slice. Then there are the irresistible ‘Eggs & Soldiers’ – white chocolate ganache eggs paired with hazelnut praline soldiers so good they deserve a salute.

With plenty more to choose from, over 20 Easter-themed chocolate treats are on sale now with 50% off at Hotel Chocolat.

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