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Novelty mugs from The Range, IWOOT, Menkind and more to mark National Tea Drinking Day UK News

Until they make National Tea Drinking Day a national holiday, we’re just going to have to celebrate with quirky mugs.

Whether you take spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of sugar or are pretty sweet, this annual day needs to be marked in the right way.

So fire up the kettle because we’ve rounded up some of the best weird and wonderful mugs on the market right now from I Want One Of These (IWOOT), The Range, Menkind, Not On The High Street and more.

Don’t be a cup and miss because there’s a great cup of tea for everyone, from Friends fanatics to Spotify lovers!

Cool coffee and tea cups to mark National Tea Drinking Day

Not on the High Street fancy mugs

Cat Ceramic Mugs Tea Coffee Assorted Colors G Decor

Times Series: Ceramic Cat Coffee Mugs in Assorted Colors from G Decor.  Credit: Not on Main StreetCat Ceramic Mugs Tea Coffee Assorted Colors Decor G. Credit: Not on the high street

If you’re crazy about cats, we may just have found the cup for you.

The attractive ceramic mug is available in a range of colors including pink, yellow and blue so you can create your own collection.

Each fantastically feline cup comes with its own handy spoon and lid – perfect for spreading out on the sofa or keeping away from your kitty while you work from home.

Add it to your closet for £12.99 via the Not On The High Street website.

Personalized Spotify Mug

Times Series: Personalized Spotify Mug.  Credit: Not on Main StreetPersonalized Spotify mug. Credit: Not on Main Street

If you or someone you love is crazy about music, this personalized Spotify mug might make your ideal brew.

The stylish glass mug can be personalized with your favorite song, podcast or playlist of your choice.

This unique mug is even more special because when you hold your phone you can also listen to the melody of your choice.

Upgrade your brew for £15 via the Not On The High Street website.

Vinyl record mug

Times Series: Vinyl record mug.  Credit: Not on Main StreetVinyl record mug. Credit: Not on Main Street

If vinyl is more your vibe, Not On The High Street has the mug you’ve been looking for.

Imagine turning on the kettle and lounging on the couch with your perfectly brewed cup of tea while listening to your favorite records.

This retro mug is the perfect pressie for the music lover or record collector in your life.

Take it home for £9.99 via the Not On The High Street website.

The Range Novelty Mugs

Playstation controller mug

Times Series: Playstation Controller Mug.  Credit: The rangePlaystation controller mug. Credit: The range

We’ve also found one for gamers – this PlayStation controller mug will keep you hydrated as you smash your high score.

The PlayStation mug features a handle shaped like a controller and also features the Playstation logo on one side and controller buttons on the other.

Whatever their level, this PlayStation mug will see them through wins and losses and will make the perfect gift for any gamer.

Get it for £7.99 via The Range website.

Narwhal fantasy mug

Times Series: Narwhal Novelty Mug.  Credit: The rangeNarwhal novelty mug. Credit: The range

There’s nothing cuter than this new Narwhal mug from The Range.

Take the sweetness of your afternoon cuppa to a whole new level with this super adorable mug.

The narwhal features a soft golden horn and is sure to brighten your day with its high shine enameled tail handle.

Sip your tea, coffee or hot chocolate for just £2.99 via The Range website.

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I want one of those fancy mugs

The Mandalorian – Child Shaped Mug (Baby Yoda)

Times Series: The Mandalorian - Mug in the shape of a child (Baby Yoda).  1 creditThe Mandalorian – Mug in the shape of a child (baby Yoda). 1 credit

If you’re crazy about The Mandalorian or just can’t get enough of Baby Yoda’s beauty, this is the Star Wars mug you need to sip.

With Obi-Wan Kenobi set to drop on Disney+, this is the only mug we can dream of using at the moment.

The iconic mug features The Child’s adorable wide eyes and pointy ears – and it even comes in its own branded gift box.

Add to your growing Grogu collection for just £10.99 via the IWOOT website.

kettlebell mug

Times Series: Kettlebell shaped mug.  1 creditKettlebell shaped mug. 1 credit

If you don’t want to miss their reps even for a quick coffee break, you need this mug in your life.

Track your moves with this Kettlebell cup which is shaped like a 16kg weight.

The gym-buff mug comes in its own fancy gift box and has its own very punny “Weigh-Tea” graphic on the front.

Get these wins while you sip for just £10.99 via the IWOOT website.

Menkind Novelty Mugs

Knitting keeps me from falling apart Mug

Times series: knitting prevents me from untangling the cup.  1 creditKnitting prevents me from untangling the cup. 1 credit

If you’re an avid knitter or someone you know picked up needles after Tom Daley made the hobby cool, listen up.

Take some time for yourself and curl up on the couch with this cute mug that looks like a ball of yarn.


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