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Lamborghini’s Ad Personam Division

Red with green? Blue with yellow? Brown with something? And do you want the seat belts to match?

Who knew specifying your own do-it-all supercar would mean so many choices?

This abundance of decisions when almost anything is possible is why Lamborghini, like other luxury car makers, figured out a way to make the process easier. Privileged buyers have long been able to visit the Sant’Agata factory, but now they can combine a visit with a stop at the Ad Personam studio, where an expert guides them through a specification session.

This is a more complex process than any online configurator and very convenient. The studio has paint and fabric samples for each factory option and “extended” color so you can see what goes with what. Consultants are also adept at offering advice on what goes with what and what definitely doesn’t.

“Two colors is fine, three colors can work, but I always suggest not going beyond that,” says Camilla Keim, the expert who tells me about what will necessarily be an entirely fictional Huracán STO purchase.

While the color of some parts can’t be changed (most obviously the switchgear and door cards), a huge amount is configurable, including things like the color of stitching (and even stitching patterns custom), carbon packs and exterior decals – or the choice to have hand-painted graphics instead.

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