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Record Store Day 2022: all the best record players from HMV, AO and Selfridges UK News

With Record Day 2022 finally here, you might be looking for a new record player so you can enjoy all the exciting and exclusive albums you bought on the big day.

Vintage players are adored by music fans young and old, with the technology being touted as the true experience of listening to the world’s best albums.

From record fairs to Tumblr trends, record players have won over music lovers young and old.

So whether you’re planning to release your all-time favorite album or can’t wait to try out a new record, look no further because we’ve got the best turntables to help you enjoy your music.

Take a look at the best record players on sale right now.

Times Series: Discover the best record players.  (Cloth)See the best record players. (Cloth)

HMV record players

HMV has currently brought down the prices of the music store’s range of record players – with discounts of up to half price.

Jam Sound Stream+ Wood Bluetooth Turntable (HMV Exclusive)

Dropped from £199.99 to £99.99, the Jam Sound Stream+ Wood Bluetooth turntable has built-in speakers as well as an auxiliary input and headphone output.

The Sound Stream+ can play at three speeds (33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM) while you can also convert all your recordings to MP3 in a few simple steps.

It’s a great option for people who want to enjoy vinyl while keeping their digital collections.

Crosley Gig turntable and speakers

The Crosley Gig Turntable & Speakers is a sleek mid-century turntable with rounded edges, a faux wood finish, and a matte black front.

You can adjust the pitch and volume, switch between vinyls, or use the auxiliary input or built-in Bluetooth settings.

You can use the matching speakers or the RCA outputs on the back to easily integrate into your existing music system.

Better yet, HMV has this Crosley record player on sale – from £179.99 to £169.99.

AO turntables

Denon DP29FE2GB Turntable – Silver

The Denon is ideal for anyone just starting out in their record collection thanks to its ease of use with an automatic arm.

It also has a moving magnet (MM) cartridge playing the music and a built-in phono equalizer to ensure optimum quality.

Plus, you can connect your turntable to speakers for powerful, high-quality sound.

You can get it now on sale from £49 to just £99.

Not on the High Street record players

Retro style record player on legs

Get this vintage three-speed record player with automatic tonearm and make it a stylish feature in your home.

With the choice of two colors blue and orange, it can also allow you to connect to Bluetooth playback to ensure you have the best quality possible.

The disc is on sale now for £159.99 and you can get it now through Not On The High Street.

Times Series: Discover the best record players.  (Cloth)See the best record players. (Cloth)

Selfridges record players

Pro-Ject T1 Bluetooth Turntable

This Bluetooth turntable makes a big impact without taking up too much space with this elegant wooden base model.

You can connect to your Bluetooth speakers and headphones while spinning your favorite record and playing your favorite songs.

You can get the turntable now for £399.99 now through Selfridges.

TEAC TN-4D analog turntable

This high-tech turntable has crystal-clear speed stability with its brushless DC motor and feedback control.

It even has a die-cast aluminum top to create a bold aesthetic with a sleek modern twist.

The turntable is available now from Selfridges for £549.

Urban Outfitters Record Players

Urban Outfitters offers an endless selection of original and unique record players as well as classics.

Crosley UO Exclusive White Ryder Bluetooth Record Player

This Crosley White Ryder Bluetooth Record Player is a more affordable option with no loss in sound quality.

For £79, this sleek and stylish Crosley record player has three speed settings and Bluetooth connection capability.

The Crosley Ryder – exclusive to Urban Outfitters – plays 7″, 10″ and 12″ vinyl while you can also connect to your phone’s music library.

Crosley Brown C62 turntable system with external speakers

Travel back in time to the 70s with Crosley’s vintage-inspired walnut-veneer turntable, complete with external speakers for quality listening.

This classic record player features two standard speeds (33 1/3 and 45 RPM) with two buttons to change speed, increase volume or switch to built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s wrapped in faux walnut veneer while Bluetooth technology lets you stream music wirelessly from any portable device.

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