New Honda e:Ny1 to spearhead efforts to meet UK EV sales mandate Car News

“Government targets are percentage based, so our focus on profit rather than volume again means we won’t have to force EV sales to reach our required levels,” he said. he declares. “In this respect, we see our size as an advantage: we can continue to focus on profitable retail sales rather than having to go through other channels.

Adamson also dismissed concerns that the high average age of a Honda buyer – currently 64 – could be a problem as it begins to offer more all-electric cars.

“We haven’t seen any signs that our loyal customer base is averse to new technology,” she said. “When the Honda Jazz was upgraded from a manual version – which 50% of customers chose – to an automatic-only version, the same questions arose. It is now our best-selling car and loyalty is strong.

“Instead, I would suggest that our reputation for reliability, innovation, integrity and trust will stand us in good stead. Our customers know our track record of delivering on our promises, and I believe this will make them more willing to embrace new technologies.”

Honda’s retail share of the UK market for hybrid alternative fuel vehicles has grown at the second fastest rate of any manufacturer this year, according to its own data, with only Toyota surpassing it. With the launch of the new Honda Civic this year, all of its base models will be electrified.

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