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Arsenal Football Club named most expensive team to support UK News

It’s no surprise that being a devoted football fan can be expensive, with ticket prices, game day merchandise prices and more.

Especially if you’re a proud supporter of a Premier League club that’s notoriously known for high prices and costly dedication.

If you’re wondering which is the most expensive club you can be a fan of, look no further as Vertue Motors has analyzed and broken down the cost of everything from pints to parking for all 20 Premier League clubs.

But there’s bad news if you’re a fan of London football club Arsenal, with the club said to be the most expensive club for fans to follow today.

With the club’s fans shelling out around £1,375 for the 2021/22 season factoring in pints, parking, tickets and even pies.

In fact, if you were to attend every club home game and get a pint and pie every game, it would cost you £222.30.

Plus, if you wanted a subscription but wanted to go for the cheapest option available, it would still put a dent in your wallet at £891.

This means that if you’re an Arsenal fan, you’ll need to make sure you keep enough cash aside to continue supporting the team and watching the team in action.

And if you are wondering what is the cheapest time to support the Premium League, then you are in luck if you are an avid Manchester City supporter.

The club cost just £690 for everything added up, making them more than half the price of Arsenal.

Manchester City cost £325 for their cheapest subscription, making them the second cheapest option just above West Ham at £320.

To see the full list of the most expensive clubs to support, head to the Vetru Motors website.

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