Warning to paddleboarders after pair drift more than a mile from shore Brighton News

LIFEBOAT staff have issued a warning to paddleboarders ahead of summer after two people had to be rescued more than a mile from shore.

When a Brighton lifeboat arrived to rescue the couple on Saturday afternoon, one had been in the water off Saltdean for almost an hour.

Luckily the paddleboarders had a phone with them and had called 999 as the wind was too strong and they couldn’t get back.

They were taken to Brighton Marina Lifeboat Station.

Roger Cohen, Brighton Lifeboat Operations Manager, said stand-up paddleboards were “very popular at the moment” and the RNLI expected to see plenty of them on beaches this summer.

“We hope people will take the appropriate precautions and measures to ensure they can enjoy it safely on the water,” he said.

Anyone planning to use a paddleboard is advised to wear a wetsuit, take a phone in a waterproof bag and check the tide and weather conditions before heading out.

If people are having trouble, the RNLI’s advice is to stay on the paddleboard until help arrives.

“Stand-up paddling can be great fun, but it’s important to remember that, like any water sport, it can also be potentially dangerous if not taken seriously,” Cohen added.

The lifeboat was also called on Saturday to rescue a dinghy with three people on board.

At the time of the call, the dinghy was west of Brighton Marina, approximately 400m.

It had been launched from the beach but was being blown away by a northerly wind and there were problems restarting the engine.

The occupants were taken aboard the lifeboat and the lifeboat was towed to the marina.

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