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A man knocks on behalf of the ‘highfalutin’ roundabout in Bath Bath City News

A man has criticized the name of Roundabout n Bath saying it’s too ‘highfalutin’. Vincent Baughan was convinced enough to write in the Bath Chronicle newspaper about it. He said the name doesn’t add class to the roundabout – if that was the point.

He wrote: ‘What pretentious council official thought of calling the squalid roundabout at the bottom of The Wellsway the ‘Churchill Gyratory’? Were they hoping to give it a touch of class with such a haughty name? were, they failed.

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“They’re just making fun of themselves and Bath. It’s a roundabout, for God’s sake. Its purpose is to ease traffic (a purpose it fails quite often at).

“Its only redeeming feature is Brunel’s railway viaduct, somewhat vandalized during the creation of Churchill’s dizzying vehicular viaduct transport facilitator (you see, it’s not just council officials who can adopt a nomenclature floral, full of words and syllables, meaning nothing!)”

Recently, a drainage improvement program was implemented at the Churchill roundabout. The location is regularly flooded and “presents a danger to motorists”.

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