Auto industry bodies hit back at ‘dangerous’ two-year MOT plan Car News

Meanwhile Nicholas Lyes, Policy Officer at the RAC, said: ‘The purpose of an MOT is to ensure that vehicles meet a basic level of safety for driving on our roads. Changing it from one year to one every two years would lead to a dramatic increase in the number of broken down vehicles and could make our roads much less safe.

A source who attended the cabinet meeting told the Telegraph: “If we go from having an annual check to a check every two years, that cuts the cost of renewing the MOT in half. It is a bread and butter policy that shows the Conservatives are on your side.

The news was also criticized by the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), which claims independent garages would feel a financial hit if the tests were delayed.

Mark Field, Chief Executive of the IAAF, said: “Whenever the frequency of MOT testing has been questioned, it has been proven beyond doubt that extending the frequency of testing would in fact mean an increase in repair costs for drivers, insurance premiums and harmful emissions, as well as reduced road safety as there will be an increase in faulty vehicles on UK roads.

“It would also be a blow to thousands of independent garages and the entire automotive supply chain, which have been able to remain open throughout the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring safe and affordable mobility for essential workers and members of the public”.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of trade body Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said: “The industry shares widespread concern about rising prices and squeezed household incomes. Safety, however, must always come first and, while today’s vehicles are more reliable than ever, regular technical checks ensure that safety-critical components such as brakes and tyres, which wear out from normal operation, are properly inspected and maintained.

“Extending MOT intervals will undermine the safety net at a time when vehicle miles are increasing. To keep our roads safe, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users, inspections and l maintenance must be carried out every year after their first presentation in the third year.

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