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The Money Saving Expert founder has warned that half a million people on National Living Wage could be underpaid.

The savings guru said workers could be underpaid if they had to buy items to do their job, such as safety clothing or tools.

Meanwhile, other workers may lose out because they have unpaid work time, such as having to get to work early to open the premises.

Mr Lewis has issued advice on how to check if you are underpaid and how to get more money if you are owed something.

What did the MoneySavingExpert say?

MoneySavingExpert has updated its minimum wage guide, including ways to check if you’re being paid less than you should.

For example, if you need to buy anything to do your job, such as tools or a uniform, your workplace needs to make sure that doesn’t mean your salary falls below the legal requirement. This applies however money is deducted.

This includes buying items from a store, paying your boss, or taking money from your paycheck.

If you’re on minimum wage, every time you work you should be paid – including overtime, time spent in training, travel time, and time spent opening or closing a workplace.

On Twitter, Lewis said: “Are you minimum wage? You may be underpaid, 500,000 are! Many who think they are minimum wage are actually being paid less than they are should.”

How to check if you are underpaid

If you think you might not be making the full minimum wage, the government has a National Minimum Wage and Living Wage Calculator to help you figure out what you should be getting. You can also talk to your boss informally to try to resolve issues.

Another option is to file a formal complaint with your employer if this does not work, or you can take the matter to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), a government-backed body that works in workplace issues.

You can contact Acas by filling in an online form or by calling 0300 123 1122.

You can also contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) by completing the online form.

You will need to tick ‘yes’ when asked if you agree to be contacted by the tax authorities, otherwise they may not be able to investigate.

If HMRC finds that you have not been paid the appropriate minimum wage, they can order your employer to repay the difference, over the last six years. He can also fine the employer and sue him if he does not pay.

How has the minimum wage changed?

Employees who earn minimum wage should get a pay rise from April each year under the law.

From April this year the hourly rate for employees aged 21 to 2 has been £9.18 an hour, down from £8.36 previously. The National

The living wage for those over 23 can reach £9.50.

The learning rate has also increased from £4.30 per hour to £4.81.

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