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Business Reporter: How RPO can boost your recruitment strategy

Louise Shaw, Director of Resource Transformation, Omni RMS; and Mike Sixsmith, Director of Client Solutions, Omni RMS

Companies are currently experiencing the toughest recruiting market in decades.

As they seek to recover and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a huge increase in demand for hiring. At the same time, for many people, attitudes towards work have changed, with an even greater focus on achieving a healthy work-life balance. Add to that the fact that as a result of the pandemic, more than 600,000 people left the workforce before retirement, and you have the perfect storm for employers. Not only are they struggling to attract employees who can help grow the business after two years of economic uncertainty, but many are struggling to retain those they hire.

For many organisations, their teams are not equipped to handle all that needs to be done with current in-house HR and recruitment models, and there is a growing trend of working with outsourcing recruitment organisations.

Here we discuss how companies can overcome challenges in their recruitment and retention strategies with Louise Shaw and Mike Sixsmith of Omni Resource Management Solutions – the UK’s leading independent provider of resource transformation consultancy and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). RPO is the process of outsourcing your recruiting function to an external partner, such as Omni, in part or in whole.

Louise and Mike point out that companies can outsource their recruiting because it basically makes business sense: an RPO provides organizations with a level of expertise and flexibility that they may struggle to develop in-house, as Omni can helping them to “lift heavy loads”, attracting and evaluating the integration of newcomers.

The Omni team works with organizations to complement their internal functions, providing them with recruitment professionals who are embedded into their business until the requirement is no longer present. In our video, Mike highlights the “plug and play” nature of an RPO and the scalability the model offers.

Most companies find that outsourcing can add value to their current way of operating, using an organization such as Omni to support specific projects where internal recruiting teams are unable to cope. increase in demand in the short term or to manage more transactional elements of the recruiting process. .

To explain the success of Omni’s RPO solution, Mike and Louise share an insightful case study, where they worked to save a financial services organization over £1 million by reducing agency fees and their time to hire just 30 days, working with to recruit over 600 people on their behalf.

They explain how Omni worked with the organization to improve its employer brand, develop a new careers site and create a standardized assessment framework to increase candidate attraction and engagement, highlighting the real value that an RPO can bring to a company’s operations.

Mike and Louise also provide tactical advice on what companies can change today to address their company’s hiring challenges, whether it’s investing time to understand their employees, evaluating the process applications and train hiring managers.

Finally, we explore the future of hiring and retention, as competition for talent appears to remain high. Mike explains that the winners of these challenges will be organizations that apply the same level of rigor and control to their recruitment strategy as they do to their sales strategy, and the losers will be those that are slow to react and drag their feet.

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