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Kew Gardens and Sproutl launch new Palm House collection – shop now UK News

‘Hard to find’ plants grow from 45cm to over 165cm with leaves that can spread up to three meters.

And even better, they can be delivered straight to your front door, meaning you can have Kew inspired plants delivered straight to you.

Times Series: The Palm House Collection.  (Push)The Palm House collection. (Push)

Prices range from £80 for the ultra-rare Philodendron White Knight to £295 for the stunning Dark Leaf Elephant’s Ear.

Kew Gardens and Sproutl Palm House Collection:

There are seven plants to choose from:

  • Dwarf Cavendish Musa acuminata, £250. As found in the palm grove, height: 160 cm, estimated leaf span: 1.5 cm

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus Lyrata, £275. As found in Palm house. Height: 140cm

  • ‘Regal Shields’ Elephant Ear – Alocasia ‘Regal Shields’, £295, Height: 120cm, estimated leaf span: 100cm

  • Philodendron ‘White Knight’ – Philodendron Erubescens ‘White Knight’, £80, Height: 45cm

  • Pygmy Date Palm – Phoenix Roebelenii, £195, Height: 140cm, Estimated Plant Wingspan: 3m

  • Homalomena ‘Maggy’ – Homalomena rubescens ‘Maggy’, £150. As found in the Palm House. Height: 140 cm, plant span: 1 m

  • Giant White Bird of Paradise – Strelitzia Nicolai, £215, Height: 165cm

Anni-Noel Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Sproutl, comments: “Our customers across the UK and plant connoisseurs are increasingly looking to recreate Kew’s iconic Palm House look in their own homes, and this collaboration will allow them to get some Kew inspiration delivered to their doorstep for the first time.”

And with houseplants all the rage, what better time to launch a new collaboration.

So whether you’re a plant expert or new to the game, these seven plants are must-haves and will make a great addition to your home.

Buy the collection now.

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