2022 BMW iX M60 review Car News

What is that?

It’s just possible that the arrival of this new M60 derivative means that a murine aesthetic isn’t the most shocking thing about the BMW iX anymore.

You can decide for yourself. On the one hand, well, look at it. On the other hand, know that in M60 form, the dual-motor powertrain produces a combined output of 611 hp and 749 lb-ft. Monstrous numbers all at once, and enough to propel this 2,584kg electric SUV to 62mph in just 3.8 seconds, making it not only the most powerful electric BMW to date but also the most accelerating. The next best i4 M50 sedan is all 0.1 seconds slower, despite, interestingly, having 7 hp per tonne more to its name and less drag.

The flagship iX will cost just under £117,000 when it goes on sale next month, making it £10,000 more expensive than the 516bhp xDrive50 M Sport version that we’re already quite fond of. The difference isn’t exactly a small change, although the M60 comes with a good degree of extra kit as standard and the power boost isn’t just the result of two or three extra lines of code.

The M60 introduces an improved 355hp rear motor – one whose rotor is 2cm longer than that of the motor used by the xDrive50, which has additional cooling and which uses a six-phase inverter, rather than a three-phase. The word is that it fits perfectly in the i4.

In the M60 the rear anti-roll bar is also beefed up, damping rates are a fifth higher and the air springs and steering have received tweaks for a bit more precision and control, if you ever have any. need.

Superficial changes are less significant. There are bronze-effect details and 21-inch M60-specific alloy wheels wrapped in 255-section Pirelli rubber that put the power to the ground. M logos are dotted around the interior, but almost apologetically, and the modular seats are the same as you’ll find in the xDrive50.

Clearly, the M60 isn’t designed as a Lamborghini Urus killer street fighter, but as a super-fast extension of the current iX lineup.

How does it look?

That’s how it goes on the road. In the default drive mode, the M60 makes easy-to-restore progress, like its smaller range mates. The steering is still too filtered, but the gearing feels natural, as does the pedal response and visibility in the spacious cabin is very good.

You’d never know that slightly more torque than that developed even by the Pagani Huayra’s twin-turbocharged Mercedes-AMG V12 is just milliseconds away at any given time.

As this is an M-lite model, the engine efforts are accompanied by a soundtrack designed by Hans Zimmer. But beyond the smooth and surprisingly convincing harshness that seeps into the cabin when you lightly press the accelerator, the vibe is still more luxury limo than performance SUV.

You can let the M60 rip, of course, and for more dramatic effect in Sport drive mode, when Zimmer bares its teeth and throttle response is ramped up to levels even an S54 straight-six couldn’t. hope to match.

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