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Aldi and Lidl: What’s new in the middle aisles from Thursday June 2 UK News

The central aisle of Aldi and Lidl is popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on everything from gardening tools to clothing.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

Aldi’s special purchases

This Thursday, you’ll find a range of items from Aldi’s Special Buys, including fitness equipment, pet beds, toys and plants for your home and garden, and more.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your fitness routine or want to spruce up your home, Aldi’s special buys have you covered.

Crane exercise bike

Times Series: Crane Exercise Bike (Aldi)Exercise bike with crane (Aldi)

Continue your fitness routine without leaving home with this Crane exercise bike.

Stay comfortable while you train with the padded saddle and ergonomic handlebar that comes with a foam grip.

It comes with a 3-year warranty and could be yours for the discounted price of £119.99, up from £129.99 via Aldi’s website (price correct at time of writing).

Fitt Cube Crane

Times Series: Crane Fitt Cube (Aldi)Fitt Cube Crane (Aldi)

Step up your workout with this Crane Fitt Cube.

It comes with a resistance band and gives you the ability to do full body workouts, helping you work on areas like your cardio and strength.

It can be yours for £79.99 via Aldi’s website.

Large climbing dome with slide

Times Series: Large climbing dome with slide (Aldi)Large climbing dome with slide (Aldi)

Keep the kids entertained with this large climbing dome with slide.

They can climb up the slide and spend hours outside.

It’s available to buy for 179.99 through Aldi’s website.

Pet Beds & Toys at Aldi

Times Series: Medium Luxury Velvet Pet Beds (Aldi)Medium Luxury Velvet Pet Beds (Aldi)

Aldi is also offering a range of pet beds and toys this week, including this medium luxury velor pet bed, available in various colors and sizes for £19.99 each via the Aldi website .

You can find more special buys from Aldi via the Aldi website here.

The central aisle of Lidl

This Thursday, you will find parts for the kitchen as well as garden furniture in the central aisle of Lidl.

So if you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen or garden, Lidl’s Middle Aisle is here for you.

Livarno Home 4 Seater Garden Sofa Set

Times Series: Livarno Home 4-seater garden sofa set (Lidl)Livarno Home 4-seater garden sofa set (Lidl)

Host the perfect garden party this weekend for Platinum Jubilee celebrations with this 4-seater sofa set.

For £199.99 it comes with cushions and a table that can be used as storage.

Find out more on the Lidl website.

Plum Wave Trampoline 8ft

Times Series: 8ft Plum Wave Trampoline (Lidl)Wave Trampoline 8 feet Plum (Lidl)

Just in time for the school holidays this summer, this trampoline will provide children with hours of fun.

It can be yours for £129.99 and you can find out more on Lidl’s website.

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Bread Maker

Times Series: Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Breadmaker (Lidl)Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Breadmaker (Lidl)

With 16 programs as well as three crust color settings, you’ll be able to cook your way.

For £59.99 your cooking is about to be taken up a notch.

Find out more on the Lidl website.

Playful nest swing

Times Series: Playtive Nest Swing (Lidl)Swing Nest Playtive (Lidl)

Add some fun to your backyard with this Playtive Nest Swing.

You can bring the playpen to your own garden this summer for £29.99.

Find out more on the Lidl website.

You can find Lidl’s full mid-aisle selection from Thursday 26 May via Lidl’s website here.

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