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The cheapest heated dryers from Dunelm, Lakeland and Robert Dyas to help save on energy bills UK News

One of the most sought-after household gadgets of 2022, heated dryers can also help you save on your energy bills.

As the cost of living crisis continues to worry families across the UK, we’ve looked at the best ways to save money on your home appliances as part of our Your Money Matters campaign.

Similar to traditional drying racks, the bars heat and dry your clothes when plugged into your mains electricity supply.

The cost of running a heated dryer can depend on how powerful it is, and you can even get covers to keep the heat in and dry your clothes faster.

How to lower your energy bills

Generally, the higher the wattage, the more the dryer will cost you to run, so if you invest in a dryer that uses less than 2,500 watts (which is the average for a standard dryer), you’ll save the money.

The price will also vary depending on your provider and how often you use it of course.

You can also check with your energy supplier what your unit price for electricity is and you will also be able to see this on your energy bill.

The cheapest heated dryers from Dunelm, Lakeland and more

Robert Dyas – Status 220W Portable Heated Clothes Rack with Wings – Silver

This Status 220W heated dryer with wings is made of aluminum, lightweight and easy to install.

The compact dryer costs less than 4p per hour to run and is ideal for college going students or those who don’t have access to the outdoors.

Reduced from £49.99, get yours now for £39.99 via Robert Dyas’ website.

Dunelm heated dryer with wings

Times Series: Dunelm heated airer with wings.  1 creditDunelm heated dryer with wings. 1 credit

With a running cost of around 6 pence per hour, this 220 watt heated finned dryer combines much needed drying space with a compact design.

The dryer has an illuminated on/off switch and folds away neatly after use.

It can hold 10kg of laundry with an impressive 12m of drying space for just £40 via the Dunelm website.

Robert Dyas – Highlands Electric Heated Tumble Dryer

Holding a maximum of 15kg of laundry, this electric clothes rack is ideal for growing families, especially in the colder months.

The silver foldable stand is easy to store and has a surface temperature of 50-55 degrees.

The heated dryer is available for £54.99 via the Robert Dyas website.

Robert Dyas – Homefront Electric Heated Clothes Dryer – Silver

Since this slimline dryer uses just 90W of power to circulate warm air around your wet clothes, it will cost you as little as 1.6p per hour to run.

With its six rungs, it can dry up to 2 meters of laundry at a time and is made of strong aluminum and ABS plastic so it can also support the weight of your family laundry!

Get the Homefront Lightweight Electric Heated Dryer for £59.99 via the Robert Dyas website.

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Dunelm – 2-stage heated dryer

Times Series: Dunelm - 2 Tier Heated Dryer.  1 creditDunelm – 2-level heated dryer. 1 credit

With a sturdy aluminum design, this two-tier heated drying rack can hold up to 10 kg of laundry and has a large drying space of 13 m.

The vertically designed 220 watt dryer can be quickly folded away to save space and can run on as little as 6p per hour.

Add the two-tier heated dryer to your basket for £75 via the Dunelm website.

Lakeland – Dry: Drying Pod Soon

Times Series: Lakeland - Dry: Pod drying soon.  1 creditLakeland – Dry: Pod drying soon. 1 credit

This Dry: Soon Drying Pod circulates warm air around your clothes, holding up to 12 items on hangers.

The capsule comes with a built-in fan in the base that heats the air up to 70°C, helping to reduce creases and your overall ironing time.

There is a wide range of models and sizes that include folding shelves depending on your needs.

This popular product could be yours for £79.99 via the Lakeland website.

Lakeland – Dry: Soon Mini 3-Level Heated Dryer

Times Series: Lakeland - Dry: Soon Mini 3-Tier Heater Airer.  1 creditLakeland – Dry: soon a mini heated dryer with 3 levels. 1 credit

Lakeland’s Slim Heated Mini Dryer offers 13m of drying space and can hold an impressive 15kg of damp laundry.

It is made of strong but lightweight aluminum and folds down to just 8cm deep.

Costing just pennies to run an hour, buy yours for £119.99 via the Lakeland website.

Lakeland – Dry: soon a mini heated dryer with 3 levels and a bundle of covers

Times Series: Lakeland - Dry: soon a 3-level heated mini dryer and a cover offer.  1 creditLakeland – Dry: soon a mini heated dryer with 3 levels and a blanket offer. 1 credit

As mentioned earlier, a heated dryer paired with a cover can help retain heat and can dry your clothes even faster.

This handy bundle from Lakeland comes with a 3-tier mini heated dryer as well as a 3-tier mini heated dryer cover.

Holding up to 15kg of damp laundry with 13m of drying space, own the set for £149.98 via the

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